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It's National Poetry Month!

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That is why you should join Zeugma. We're strong enough to help.

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Prose writers welcome, too! It's all write . . .

How to join, what we expect

Poetry prose -- all good.

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How to join, what we expect

Postby riverwriter » Thu Apr 07, 2016 7:16 pm

Poets and others who appreciate poetry are welcome at Zeugma. We are a friendly place for poets to converse and post.

And as of April 16, 2016, Prose-ets, too!

Membership entitles you to access to our Members Only Forum, where you can critique the work of other members and post your own poems for critique.

The Members Only Forum contains three boards at present: Poems for Critique, Prompts and Games, General Discussion

The language for posting and discussion is English, and the membership is international.

To become a member (it's free, and we never ask for money), send an email to

Subject: Zeugma Membership

In the email, please let us know

1. that you will post poetry and critique at least 2 crits per post of yours, and
2. that you will "play nice".
3. Your actual name
4. your username (can be your actual name or part of it, or some other name, not in use here already).
When your membership is approved, you will receive a return email, indicating your assigned username and password, and a copy of our terms of membership.

We appreciate your patience.

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