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Beta Testers Wanted

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Beta Testers Wanted

Postby ljrwrite » Sun May 11, 2008 9:47 pm

I would like to introduce myself, I am Larry. I have just completed a program which is similar to yWriter. yWriter is software to help people organize and structure their efforts in their goal to write novels. I was looking for a similar software for poetry writing and was unsuccessful. What I did find was either very lacking or very expensive and the expensive software was targeted toward song writing. So I decided to write the software my self. It is now completed and is ready for testing, called Beta Testing. I am currently working on the help files and will have the first draft completed by the end of May.

The program is aimed especially at poetry writers, poetry students and poetry teachers at all levels. So I am soliciting for Beta Testers. Hopefully then it can be released to the public by end of summer. What I need are tester at all levels, but especially poetry teachers, because a good portion of the program is aimed at assisting poetry teachers. If you are interested then please contact me and I will send you the documentation, which you can look at before committing to using your time as a Beta Tester.

The name of the program is called PATTERNS 'N POETRY. I would like to have a group of testers who can give good constructive critical advice as well as contribute ideas and suggestions in improving both the functioning and the abilities of the program, not only for its first release but all improved editions in the near future.
Larry J Renaud

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