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Welcome Back Joan

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Cat Sith
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Welcome Back Joan

Postby Cat Sith » Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:17 am


I am thrilled to see your note on the poems for critique board and that you are back. Most importantly happy to see the surgery was a success after all you've been through. What a relief.

And now that you have returned, I can thank you for sending your book along to me. It is so amazing to see the poems bound in book form. I have only just recovered it last week from being buried under other incoming books (it's an awful truth here that I collect volumes and do too little actual reading). But I have started it and so far, just really great work.

I hope you will be returning to write. As you can see, Z is in much need of poets writing and posting. The halls are filled with cobwebs!

Welcome back,

p.s. I tried to send this in PM, but am getting an error. No idea why.

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Re: Welcome Back Joan

Postby JmPasc » Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:40 am

Thanks so much, Kim.

I see that you have stepped into the role of Moderator -- good for you!

Yes, my surgery is over and I am feeling much better. They replaced the hip, femur, and knee.

I haven't been writing any poetry but maybe being part of the Poetry Forum will stimulate my creativity. I'm really glad to see that the Forum is still going, and I look forward to contributing however I can. I'm glad you liked my little book. I will self publish it, probably have a web site also, when my mother (89) is no longer living. Don't want to cause her unnecessary upset but I am glad I wrote it. The process was very healing for me, and the poems might be of interest for therapy groups as well as for general readers of women's poetry.

As ever, Joan

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